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December 12, 2011

X Factor Final 2011

Fashion on the X Factor

So a 2011 era ended last night in the form of the X Factor final. Admit it or not, X Factor is our guilty pleasure and there’s now an empty spot on our couches where Saturday and Sunday nights used to be. Although it has been substantially less dramatic than its American counterpart, one thing we’d like to think we’ve had more of is style.

Now technically it’s a show about singing, but in reality we’ve been looking out for fashion triumphs and faux pas each week as much as we have for each contestant’s ability to hit the high notes. The votes are in and the consensus is that Kelly Rowland has been this year’s style guru. As much as we’ve loved some of Tulisa’s dresses over the weeks, last night’s big frilly polkadot number a bit of an eye catcher, it’s the beautiful Destiny’s Child singer who has consistently pulled out all the stops.

From Topshop to the likes of Hugo Boss and John Galliano, it’s fair to say we’ve been green with envy every time Kelly stepped out onto the stage and did that cute little wave. There’s not much to criticise so we thought the best way to recap this epic series is with a little top 5 Rowland dress countdown.

Kicking us off is THAT silver sequined dress. The Jenny Packham full length fishtail number had everyone talking a few weeks back, but we could be biased, it has a striking resemblance to a certain gold sequined Ariella gown.