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October 23, 2013

Six Decades of Ariella


The sixties saw the first real revolution in contemporary in both men’s and women’s fashion with trends changing more frequently than ever before in the history of fashion. Ariella was born in Carnaby Street at the epicenter of this fashion explosion.


The seventies was a decade rich with wonderful flowing, hippy fashion, with flared trousers, exploding colours, Kaftan tops and Sergeant Pepper’s military uniforms. Ariella grew from strength to strength in this period with its pioneering contribution to London Fashion. It expanding its retail shops to 11 stores additionally distributed its designs through and numerous other high street retailers across the UK and Europe.


Big tops, big shoulders, big make-up and big hair the 1980s will always be loved or hated but will always be recognisable. In 1985 sire Terrance Conran and a panel of fashion experts awarded Ariella the IPC Woman Fashion Awards for “Best Cocktail Dress” and “Best Evening Dress”.


The nineties was a decade of anti-fashion, the “anything goes” approach led to a propagation of casual and comfortable trends. Ariella however remained true to its loyal clientele delivering progressive formal and elegant cocktail and evening wear. Its convictions were rewarded when Ariella won the British Apparel Export Award in 1996 and then the coveted Queen’s Award for Export Achievement in 1998.


The Noughties saw the world of fashion collide with the world of celebrity like never before. Stars like Sex in the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham were elevated to style icons as fashion became more identifiable. Ariella enjoyed considerable success during this decade, connecting with its clients on a more intimate level whilst continuing its philosophy of delivering couture designs to the high street. Ariella’s remarkable success was recognized by the UK Fashion Export Award in 2008 and the UKFT Export Award in the following year.


Ariella is embarking on the current decade with excitement at the current revival of sixties and seventies fashion and the new thirst for modern takes on vintage designs. Having experienced these most fashionable decades first hand, Ariella is benefiting by drawing inspiration from its huge archives to re-interpret these trends with the necessary modern take to make them today’s fashion. This decade has already seen Ariella win the HSBC Business Thinking 2010 Award for innovative ideas.

The rest of the decade will unfold, as have all fashion decades, with wonderful mystery and surprises, which is the wonder of the fashion world.