January 20, 2016

Grace Coddington: 10 facts you did not know about her

While internet is going crazy discussing the shocking news revealed by BoF earlier today about Grace Coddington stepping down as creative director of Vogue after more than 25 years in the position, we decided to tell you some facts you might not know about her.

1. She was interested in fashion ever since she was a teen and would order her copies of Vogue magazine on a rush delivery, patiently awaiting each new issue, as it was her only connection to the world of fashion.

2. Her full name is Pamela Rosalind Grace Coddington. Her sister Rosemary was the one who chose Pamela as her registered first name, and she was called Pam by most of the people she knew. Pamela changed her name to Grace after she left home, and one of her friends told her she finds the name Grace far more useful in order to succeed in a big city.

3. Her first ever modelling job was an alfresco nude photo shoot for Norman Parkinson.

4. Grace’s Instagram account was deleted for ‘inappropriate content’ when she posted an illustration of herself sunbathing topless. She managed to have it reinstated.

5. Grace is a big cat lover. Whole chapter in her book Grace: A Memoir is devoted to her cats. Besides that, in 2006 together with her partner Didier Malige she published The Catwalk Cats, a book that documents their lives through cats’ eyes.

7. She never had children of her own but she raised her nephew Tristan since the age of 8, after his mother (her sister) died.

8. To the WSJ. Magazine  magazine she described herself as a hoarder. And if you see the pictures of her home, you will understand why.

9. In the Q&A session she told the Guardian that her fist kiss was at the age of 14; her most treasured possession is a scrapbook made for her by Bruce Weber, and Julianne Moore would be good playing her in the film of her life. You can read the full interview here.

10. Even after decades spent in the U.S.A., she still thinks of herself as British.

Grace Coddington