March 11, 2016

Meet the Team: Leah Richardson – Ariella Senior Designer

– Describe a typical day at Ariella?

Typically I like to get in at 8.30am to answer my emails before the rest of the team gets in. I also use this time to upload any inspiration images I have collected from the night before, as I tend to do a lot of my research in bed looking at the latest trends, finding things that excite me for the next collection. Once all the design team are in, we normally assess our workload for that day and delegate the tasks between us as necessary.

We are always working towards a deadline whether it be for our own Ariella London brand or our customer design briefs so it is important that we are strategic and realistic ensuring we are prioritising our work efficiently.

I am heavily involved with our own brand Ariella London and depending on what stage we are at in the collection I am normally either fabric sourcing, sketching, CADing or in fit sessions. However, I also have a large input with our wholesale accounts where I attend the meetings with customers, presenting my ideas, research and designs and thought process behind it all.

– Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I have a great eye for detail  and I can get my inspiration from anything like my day to day surroundings, this can be from a pattern I saw on the concrete floor on the way to work, or visiting art installations or going to fashion exhibitions. I am always following the catwalk trends and enjoy commercialising and bringing these ideas to life on the high street. I have a love of flowers so a lot of my embroidered designs are based on this.

Meet our Senior Designer – Ariella

– How would you describe the new SS16 collection? What is your favourite piece from it?

This collection is all about structural elegance, occasionwear with a difference, easy to wear monochromatic with a strong pop of colour. Incorporating exciting rich jacquards with hand beaded embellishments throughout. The collection is effortless and timeless with an edge.

The Olympia is my favourite piece, every women needs one of these in her wardrobe, no need for accessories or something to cover your shoulders, this outfit has both! It has a unique hand beaded design encrusted into the removable cape with a beautiful column shaped strapless dress underneath. Although styled together, I feel this outfit offers versatility to the wearer because the cape can be worn separately with a cigarette pant and heels for a more chic, relaxed look, and the dress itself is a showpiece meaning that when you remove the cape you will still wow the crowds in only this.  With so many options of how to wear this look, I feel that the customer is getting a lot for her money.

– What do you like doing on the weekends to relax after a long week?

I love to go on long runs at the weekend, normally followed by a long brunch with my girlfriends and then usually a few cocktails in the evening. On Sunday I usually like to see what’s on around London, either new pop ups or exhibitions. I also love to cook, I find it therapeutic so I normally do this on a Sunday afternoon to relax myself before the crazy week ahead.

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