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May 17, 2016

Red Carpet Ready: Celebrity Secrets

Getting ready for a Red Carpet Event takes time and effort. If you want to look your best and feel like a star, you might have to start getting ready weeks before the event. Read some tips on how celebrities get themselves red carpet ready.

Red Carpet Ready

1. Celebrities start preparing their bodies for the red carpet events weeks in advance. Even if you are in a great shape, you might still want to do some extra toning exercises to define certain areas of your body, depending on what dress you are planning to wear.

Let’s say, you are going to wear a strapless dress then you might want to do extra rows/push-ups to define your shoulders. To look your best, you have to plan your workout depending on the style of the dress you are going to wear.

2. Try to eliminate stress from your life (easily said than done, we know!). Celebrities get special Spa treatments to help them relax, look (and feel) better at their red carpet event. Healthy diet, lots of water and good sleep will help you do that. If you can, invest in some facial treatments and a set of massages.

3. If you want to lose some extra pounds but do not have much time, you can try such popular among celebs but very extreme methods as juice cleanse or detox diet. But be aware that it is not suitable for everyone, so make sure to follow all of the instructions and consult with your doctor before trying it.

4. Your skin plays a big role in how good you will look. Celebrities use customized fake tan products to get the colour that will match their natural skin colour and shades of their dress. You do not have to go that far, but might consider visiting a tan studio to add that sexy bronzed tan to your skin (take a look at Melanie Sykes in the Ariella Couture dress posing for the advertising campaign).

5. Another important part of the “red carpet ready” routine is to get your teeth ready to show that Hollywood smile. Teeth whitening is one of the first things stars do to prep for a red carpet.

6. Before the event, moisturise your bare legs and arms, and maybe even add a bit of loose shimmer powder to the body cream before applying in order to quite literally, shine.

7. Celebrity stylists advice to get a haircut two weeks in advance and condition hair really well the night before. Bringing an image of your dress to the stylist who will be taking care of your hair can help create a perfectly matching look.

8. Talking about images. Celebrities have professional stylists to help them create their red carpet looks. If you don’t have a stylist to help you, taking some pictures (or even videos) of yourself in your planned outfit can help you see what details you might want to change/add.

9. Be prepared for emergencies – bring a couple pieces of double-stick tape, a Band-Aid and a needle with a matching your outfit colour thread. You never know what might happen!

Choosing a dress for the red carpet is not an easy task but lucky for you, we have a range of stunning dresses that will make you look like a star. Sometimes a cocktail dress can help you stand out from the others who are more likely to go for a floor-length gown. If that is your choice, make sure that your cocktail dress has some eye-catching details!

We hope these tips were useful and you will have a truly unforgettable night! To get inspired, check our Pinterest page with some of the best looks from all the main Red Carpet Events this year.

(On the right, Susanna Reid at the National Television Awards this year wearing Ariella London Azure dress).


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