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March 30, 2017

3 Long Bridesmaids Dresses You’ll Love

If your bridal party prefers long bridesmaids dresses, shop at to find the perfect one!

The tradition of bridesmaids goes way back in time. Ancient Roman law required 10 witnesses to be present at a wedding, which is considered a precursor to the bridal party tradition. Bridesmaids and groomsmen had to dress just like the bride and groom to confuse vengeful spirit presences who might try to harm the newlyweds.

In early Victorian times, tradition called for all-white weddings, so bridesmaids—who were supposed to be younger than the bride—wore white dresses with short veils, contrasting with the bride’s more ornate veil and train. By the 20th century, this tradition has changed, and now bride is the only one who wears white to better stand out.

Here at Ariella, we have a number of bridesmaids dresses of different styles, lengths and colours. Stunning Octavia and Antonia from our new Spring/Summer 2017 collection are the perfect long bridesmaids dresses.

Octavia tulle bridesmaids maxi dress features a sheer one shoulder neckline. A pleated bustline sits beautifully underneath onto a gathered waistband and long gathered tulle skirt.

Antonia tulle bridesmaids maxi dress has a sophisticated sheer shoulder and neckline. The waistline is highlighted with a beautiful crystal embellished trim.

Available in two colours, Duck egg blue and Mauve, these dresses can be used as mix and match bridesmaids long dresses.

Tulip bridesmaids maxi dress shines out in its delicate lurex and tulle fabric. The wrap front is complimented at the back with a low cowl drape. The front skirt features a waterfall over layer. For a truly stylish and sophisticated bridesmaid!

Tulip Bridesmaid Maxi Dress

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