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August 5, 2019

Top Bridesmaid Dress Trends to be Aware of this Season

Gone are the days when bridesmaids were dressed in simple gowns just so the bride’s wedding gown could be the center of attention. Nowadays, the modern bride wants her girls to look and feel just as amazing as she does. For this reason, there are top bridesmaid dress trends to be aware of.

  1. White bridesmaid dresses. This was a taboo: Never wear white to a wedding. Now, the rule book has been thrown out the window. There are more and more brides opting for white bridesmaid dresses. Some celebrities have made this controversial decision and now, we follow suit.
  2. Two-piece bridesmaid dresses. The two-piece dress trend has been around for a little while now and has found itself as one of the bridesmaid dress trends.
  3. Short bridesmaid dresses. Short formal dresses are now welcomed to the family. Bridesmaids can wear short dresses for a beautiful beach wedding or one held in the garden. It is super comfortable and classy as well. This one may be the most unusual on the list.
  4. ‘Girl-band’ bridesmaid dresses. This is when the dresses are not the same but use the same colour palette. This one is great because not all styles are flattering on all body types. This way, each bridesmaid gets to feel confident and beautiful in her dress.
  5. Velvet bridesmaid dresses. Velvet is an unconventional fabric to use for a wedding. However, it is a new bridesmaid dress trend. Since velvet has a bit of weight, the styles to opt for are; spaghetti strap or short sleeve dresses.
  6. Colourful bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaid dresses are a representation of a bride’s personality. So if a bride is has a bubbly, friendly, exciting personality, chances are, her bridesmaids will be dressed in very fashionable and fun dresses. Colours like yellow, red, hot pink, purple are just some of the colours in bridesmaid dress trends. Jewel tones are also a great option.
  7. Wrap-around bridesmaid dresses. Since the accidental invention of the wrap dress, it has been reinvented in many different ways and formal wear is no exception.
  8. Tier layered bridesmaid dresses. This style is soft, feminine and timeless. The tier bridesmaid dress trend is an elegant and easy transition to the reception.
  9. Vintage-inspired bridesmaid dresses. Vintage style has made a much-needed comeback. Bridesmaid dresses can be inspired by the flapper dress of the 1920s.

With these bridesmaid dress trends, you are sure to look beautiful at the wedding. And of course, Ariella is here to make that happen! Browse our bridesmaid dresses range.