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February 6, 2021

How to Find the Most Stylish Wedding Outfits for Mothers

Finding wedding outfits for mothers is an easy feat. Brides always have color and style schemes for the bridesmaids and the whole bridal entourage. Using this as a guide for wedding outfits for mothers is a great start!

Mother’s taste

Just as we all have our fashion taste, so too, do mothers! The key here is to work within preferences of style, fabric, and color. Buy wedding outfits for mothers that will make them feel beautiful and stylish. 

Mother’s silhouette

Every good stylist knows that other the person’s taste, the second most important thing to take into consideration is the person’s figure and mothers are no different. To get the best wedding outfits for mothers, their silhouettes need to must considered.  

There are typically four different body shapes:

1. Wedding outfits for pear-shaped & hourglass mothers

Being pear-shaped means having a more curvaceous lower half and a smaller bustline. While the hourglass shape means having a bustline just as curvaceous as the hips.

Fiorella Navy Dress

The Fiorella Navy Dress is a scallop lace dress with flared sleeves. This knee-length dress with a pencil skirt will hug the figure, flattering all the curves. This brings out the matured beauty of the wearer. 

Bettina Red Dress

The Bettina Red dress is an off-shoulder knee-length dress made in the stunning color of red that is perfect for the pear-shaped mother. Another great choice for wedding outfits for mothers. And because it shows off the shoulders, it gives the appearance of an hourglass silhouette to a pear-shaped body. 

2.Wedding outfits for the full-figured mothers

A full-figured woman has a curvaceous body with a full bustline, a defined waist, and hips. For this body type, the wedding outfits have to be simple in design. No need for over-the-top designs with large patterns.

Nadira Black Dress

This Nadira Black Dress is a long elegant gown with the right amount of seduction with the off-shoulder. The long sleeves with puffball cuffs make the arms appear slimmer and the fabric hugs the figure giving a smooth, curvy silhouette. 

Amberley Dress

The Amberley is a gorgeous teal gown with a defined waist. It gives an hourglass appearance to the body.

3. Wedding outfits for the Apple figured mothers

The apple shape is the opposite of the pear-shape: fuller bustline and slimmer hips. The key here is to create a balancing, more curvy silhouette. 

Naida Royal Blue Floral Jacquard Off-Shoulder High Low Dress

This dress is the perfect dress both body shapes. It adds feminine curves to the boyish figure while adding volume to the bottom of an apple-shaped figure. 

Gabriel Pink Lace Knee Length Jacket & Dress Set

This beautiful feminine dress has front lace paneling and lace bell long sleeves. 

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