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March 5, 2021

Women’s Fashion Trends In 2021

You feel a distinct sense of style and comfort when you put on a beautiful outfit. As the world is evolving, so do fashion trends. This year just started, and it is fair you get to know the latest women’s fashion trends. That is, in terms of occasional wear. Let us look at the top women’s fashion trends in 2021 with stunning samples from the Ariella brand.

1. The High-Low Dress

It is a perfect dress for anyone who wants to show off their legs and still look pretty and elegant. The high-low dress is one of the most popular women’s fashion trends in 2021. This dress comes in an asymmetric form which features a short front and a long back. This flirty and fun style varies from strapless to sleeves dresses. The Nami halter, double layer high-low dress, and Naida royal blue dress will be perfect for any event. Be it a cocktail night, a party, a wedding, or any other special occasion.

2. Side Slid Dress

It is hard to be at an evening event without spotting someone in a side slid dress. This dress style is one of its kind because it is suitable for almost all occasions. If you want to make a grand entrance at an event, then a side-slit dress will be perfect. Donning Lexili one shoulder maxi dress or the Cardi silver maxi dress, you will be a neck-turner. These glamorous dresses are the ‘oh wow’ pieces you need in your wardrobe.

3. Halter Dress

Among the list of women’s fashion trends in 2021, the halter dress is among the top. It features a strapless or sleeveless upper half with a tie around the neck or a piece of fabric to secure around the neck. The Gianna halter chiffon knee-length dress, the Riva black dress, and Nami halter double layer high low dress are the flattering styles for those who wish to show off their smooth ample shoulders. The halter dress is also ideal for summer. 

4. The Maxi Dress

This dress is fashionable and flexible. Ladies love this dress because of its unique style. Maxi dresses like Delora silver swirl lace bodice and chiffon maxi dress, Alma Multi-layer chiffon maxi dress, and Alyssa black gold jersey wrap bodice spot full maxi dress will give that statement entrance. Be it at a wedding, red carpet, party, or any formal event.

5. The Mini Dress

Mini dresses have been in existence since the 60s, and it is still trending up to date because of its stylish and sexy look. The Mia or the Amelia dress will be ideal for anyone who wants to attract some attention as it emphasises the legs. 

Whether you are browsing for a halter dress for a cocktail event, a high-low dress for a wedding, a side-slit dress for a gala night, or a mini dress for a date, Ariella fashion has you covered for any occasion. Browse our collections to find that perfect trendy dress!