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October 10, 2021

Cocktail Parties are Here to Stay – Our Top Picks to Look Elegant & Sophisticated

We are drawing closer to the end of the year with a guarantee of many social events taking place. There will be several occasions such as weddings, reunions, graduations, engagement parties and more! You definitely need to dress up to look your best. You won’t agree less that cocktail dresses are the perfect attire to rock during the festive season.  

When dressing for cocktail parties, it’s vital to consider the exact type of occasion, that is; the setting and the level of formality. To ensure you select the appropriate outfits.

Sometimes you’ll find phrases on the invitation card, such as; “casual dress,” “semi-formal attire” or “formal wear required”. For casual events, you would need something lighter in colour that is more comfortable. Meanwhile, for formal events, you may want to wear more conservative cocktail dresses. 

Here at Ariella’s fashion brand, every one of our cocktail dresses offers the unique ability to transform to the style of the person wearing it. Let’s jump into our top picks of cocktail dresses.

Top must have Cocktail Dresses for an Elegant & Sophisticated Look

Hasara Navy Sequin Cocktail Dress

Hasara is a stunning navy sequin velvet knee-length dress. Sequin dresses always save the day, and a beautifully designed sequin dress on your body will be a head turner the moment you walk into an event. 

This Hasara navy sequin dress features cold shoulder long sleeves, completed with chiffon frills and satin piping, making it an ideal choice for your cocktail parties. You may want to read more about why sequin dresses are essential in your closet.

Jasmine Purple Velvet Cowl Drape Maxi Dress

Women love maxi dresses because they feel liberating, elegant, flexible and perfect for all four seasons. One of the must have cocktail dresses you need to obtain that sophisticated look you desire is the Jasmine Maxi dress. This purple velvet dress features a cowl neckline, a side frill finished with a V back neck. It is perfect for cocktails, parties, or any formal occasion.

Hala Black Multi Beaded Maxi Dress

Next on our list is the Hala black beaded maxi dress. It features a boat neckline and intricate linear beading consisting of deep purples, blues, and greens. This dress type goes with all skin tones, and it will surely make you stand out at any cocktail event, party, or formal occasion. 

Black dresses are one of the most famous outfit colour to wear for any event, it’s versatile and friendly. 

To stay stylish at any cocktail event, we recommend these three elegant cocktail dresses. Browse through Ariella’s collection and enjoy 40% off the original price on all styles. Contact us for more information.